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Our vision

Homme 360
About Us

Your Personal Design Destination Since 2023

Discover a world where design meets experience at HOMME 360, established in 2023. We’re not just a design studio; we’re a haven where your unique story unfolds in every room. Our tagline says it all: “A little bit of you in every room.”

Our Journey

In the dynamic world of home design, we stepped onto the scene with a simple mission – to turn houses into personalized havens. Our team at HOMME 360 is a blend of young creativity and seasoned expertise, all fuelled by the belief that your home should reflect who you are. We’re not just about selecting furniture and colors; we’re about capturing your personality in every design decision. Your favorite colors, cherished memories, and unique quirks – we weave them into the very fabric of your living space.

The Experience Center

Step into our Interior Design Experience Center at Mogappair East, Chennai. A physical manifestation of our dedication to elevating your design journey. Here, you’ll navigate through kitchen setups that spark culinary creativity, wardrobe designs that blend functionality with style, pooja units radiating tranquillity, living room arrangements that invite cozy conversations and much more Our Experience Center is more than a showroom; it’s an interactive journey through the possibilities of your future home.

Embracing the Modular Lifestyle

Why choose HOMME 360? Because Design isn’t just about ideas; it’s about bringing those ideas to life. Versatility meets functionality in our modular designs. Whether it’s a kitchen that adapts to your culinary needs or furniture that fits seamlessly into your living space, our modular solutions are crafted for modern living

Your Story, Our Canvas

At HOMME 360, we celebrate individuality. Our team of skilled designers is ready to guide you
through the process of Designing Interiors, Personalised Canvas and customizing furniture and
that speak to your soul. Your style, your taste – all under one roof.

Let’s Get Started!

Ready for a home makeover that feels like a breeze? From swift delivery to enduring designs
backed by a 10-year warranty, we're here to redefine your expectations of interior design.
Schedule a tour, explore the displays, and let's design a home that truly echoes "A little bit of you
in every room.